Good Decision


All people should have a motor in terms of mind and how to control it for good will. If that happens we will become more smart, strong and motivated.

When you use this , you’ll be able operate in high effectiveness as an individual.

When your brain experiences not smooth feeling and inconsistencies. This is because you function with the training you had in the past.



What made your brain today? What are your sources?

The way you think today is mostly the effect of the experience and inputs you went through your life. Because your brain is made by your own expertise.

This is according to science and psychology:

All sensory stimulation inputs your brain. In other words, your brain is being trained by your sensory motions.

To think this experiential training was not given to us to make us a super hero. But is a training way to improve our inconsistency and failed randomness. As we are trained with the experience of being in trouble of many things around us. Especially our affiliates. This results to additional neurological training.

So here’s the actual dilemma: The chaotic nature of our life

This is the problem that arise. The life experiences we went through train our brain to know the negative things of life. Thus, our own nerves end up disagreeing.

Perhaps, if part of your neurons can remember the way you ate a green mango; the way you think remembering it will allow your brain to agree that the food you are about to eat is delicious even though it’s not. This is the power of brain.


Now imagine if your brain is undergoing conflicting pattern were you are doing a job but gets out of focus because you feel to procrastinate or being timid? Or thinking that you try to exercise then do something daring does your body adrenaline goes up?

Those things that come up in your mind might possibly design wrong ideas making your brain out of hand.


Our brain’s problem really also a stomach of clay. It’s weakness is it cannot solve it’s internal affairs that tend to make situations worse or worst. That is why we should store good routines in our memory.

As a human being who desires good things. We can accomplish more things if we can get rid in our mind, false belief and always have an active motivation and motor for focus when we do something.


So how can we improve the way we think?

Train your brain.

Hence, remove all the negativity away. Start from deep thinking. All should be positive and looking forward to what is good in the future. Making a strong mind will make you become a greater individual. Who can contribute to the society and make a strive for better future whether by individualism of team.