Law of mind and attraction

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How do we overcome fear from our subconscious mind.

Over coming fear is a problem to many people a lot of good hearted people walk around everyday wrestling with fear and don’t know why? The truth is fear is the result of our mind . When we came to this earth we came here with a blank page then most around us come inside our mind. That form as a paradigm. Paradigm is a set of belief that someone has and this controls how we react to something or any circumstances around us.

Our subconscious mind is a powerful thing . Repetition is what forms belief and once they are program to us this belief is what determines your life and what it goes. If a person can change their paradigm they can change their life literary . That includes some certain fear that were picked up during life’s journey . Many people fear because of guilt and punishment. The fact is fear of any form is bad . When Jesus came He constantly said fear not. because fear is destructive.

The subconscious mind itself is not judgmental. It doesn’t say good or bad or black or white. It simply believes what you tell it. A lot of majority is not aware is that they are living according to their programming. The good news is the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and fear can be eliminated.

Here is a technique if you fear poverty, anxiety etc. A lot of things has something to do with a lot of meditating and positive thinking.
Mainstream videos like TV shows has big effect on how we think and act of many outlooks of life so please refrain from this things.

Our minds must not programmed to have a lot of negativity. Studies have been proven the power of the mind affects our body and soul.

Try meditate it is very powerful!